Test 3.lekce C


Test 3.lekce C

Max. 38 bodů __________________






1. Vocabulary – sestav správně věty a přelož je:

a. looks He pleased _________________________________________________


b. some news I have great_____________________________________________


c. one That´s each.__________________________________________________


d. you something forgotten Haven´t?______________________________________


e. I dissapointed feel I________________________________________________


g. This chance a of lifetime_____________________________________________


f. for are tickets When the?____________________________________________



max. 14 points_________

2. Complete the dialogue at the doctor´s

Doctor: Hello, what ________________? (Co pro Vás mohu udělat?)

Patient: _________hurt my finger. It´s swollen. (Zranil jsem si prst.)

Doctor: How_______you do it? (Jak jste si to udělal?)

Patient: I ______________ (Upadl jsem.)

Doctor: I´ll give you a _____________on it. And go for an________. (Dám Vám na to obvaz a jděte na rentgen.)

Patient: Thank you, Doctor.


max. 6points_________


3. Complete the sentences with WHO and WHICH

a. This is a museum ________________________we visited.

b. These are the teachers___________________went with us.

c. This is the boat_______________we took us across the lake.

d. These are two Spanish girls___________________we met.

e. this is a hill___________________________we climbed.

f. This is a man_____________showed us round the museum.


max. 6points_________

4. My body – vocabulary






2. kotník
5. zadek
6. loket
7. hrudník
9. jazyk
10. rty
11. pata

1. dlaň
3. koleno
4. čelo
8. palec
9. stehno






max. 12points_________


PDF: Test_8t_3l_C



CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Test 3.lekce C by Alena Mikulecká is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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